Positive Leadership

Provide executive coaching and advisory services.

We have pioneered the application and teaching of Strengths, Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry in Australia.

We have built a unique strategic model that synthesises the broad material in the field into an approach that is applicable to executive coaching, as well as group and organisational initiatives.

Positive Leadership have built a reputation for applying this model in an empirically rigorous and strategic way to the challenge of building a critical mass of Senior Women in organisations.



 Now Offered in Australia! 

  • Foundations and Frontiers

Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change






Signature Strength Cards

The VIA Signature Strengths Cards provide an easy card sort to enable people to look at their top strengths, and their overall strengths profile, and easily gain much deeper insight than is available in the VIA results report.

Each strength has a card that describes the strength and also when someone with that strength is both ‘at their best’ and ‘thwarted’.

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